For well over six and a half decades, Joe Mudele has been a highly respected and extremely busy bass player appearing on all manner of TV and radio shows, albums and high profile tours including one with the great songwriter Hoagy Carmichael.

It is the mark of the man that he still plays at the venerable age of 90, with the same vigour and enthusiasm that he did when he was voted a Melody Maker Poll Winner back in 1952.

However, it should not be forgotten that it was as a vocalist he first entered the profession, and it is to this role that he now returns, in this moving and well thought out album.

Many of these songs provide a personal resonance to Joe. He includes a Judy Garland medley- he toured with her as part of Norrie Paramour`s Orchestra in the 1950`s, and in "I Should Care" scats a Charlie Parker phrase-he sat in with the great altoist in Paris,in 1949.

Joe sings pretty much as he is; that is to say, full of the love of life, totally lacking in pretence and oozing charm. Accompanied by two of the best players around today, he gets right to the essence of these great songs, and through his long experience speaks directly to all of us.

Alan Barnes October 2010